Dave Gowers


Artist Statement

My work is inspired by childhood memories of living by the sea in Margate. This was a time of wonder with a sense of endless possibility and freedom. I was surrounded by vast spaces with no obvious end and in which I was just a small dot. Those years were very much a time of living in the moment, exploring the world around me and wanting the days to never end.

Previously, I’ve used paint to examine some of the elements of space and scale that I experienced during this time. I explore recollections of the endless skies, reflections on the sea, colour, and the constantly changing light in order to recreate that atmosphere in my work.

The search for magical moments like those found in Margate, has remained a constant everywhere I’ve lived since; Southern England, Cumbria and France. My paintings are, in effect, souvenirs of my experiences and memories.

Recently I experienced a major health crisis and a brush with death. This was a very profound moment in my life. During this time, I found myself in a new landscape, also with moments of wonder, despite the circumstances. To my surprise, at some of my darkest times, I found myself reliving moments from my childhood.

My work has always, in essence, been about memories and then creating ‘souvenirs’ of them. The recollections can be from a long time ago or more recent, but they’re everything. They have formed me and directed me as an artist.

Recent work has been looking at combining memories from different times. For example, coupling recollections of my recent time in hospital with the memories that surfaced during that time about the wonders of childhood by the sea. I’m working at making new souvenirs that transport me to some old, familiar places.


BA in Fine Art, 1994-97 Southampton Institute.



AN bursary 2017

Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust 2017


C-Art. Cumbria. September 2013.
  Harbour Arm. Margate. Solo show. October/November 2013.
Pop up gallery. Keswick. November/December 2013. 
Upfront Gallery Open Penrith. January/ February 2014.
  East Kent Open Houses. Margate. October/November 2014. 
Gallery No 3. Carlisle. December 2014. 
Lowes Court Gallery, Egremont, Cumbria. Solo. October 2016.
  Saltaire Art trail open houses. Yorkshire. 28-30 May 2016. 
Mad hatter. Brighton. Solo. August 2016. 
Gallery Artemis, Cockermouth. Cumbria. 2016. 
Villa LVI. Open houses. Brighton. Nov-Dec 2016. 
Gallery No3. Carlisle. December 2016. 
Villa LVI, Open houses. Brighton. May 2017.
  Tollbooth, Solo. Kirkcudbright, Scotland. June-July 2017.
'Colour code', Cupola gallery. Sheffield June-July, 2017.
The Control tower, Kings Hill, Kent Dec 2017- Jan 2018
The Wanstead Tap, Forest Gate, London Jan-March 2018
Humanising Medicine, Barts, London, November 2019


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