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Artist Statement

Having grown up in Margate, the sea has been a constant presence in my life and one that I've searched out wherever I have since lived. The sea, and sky above it, are unobscured and change unceasingly. Their fluidity has been a continuing source of fascination for me as an artist, their constant fading, erosion and decay and influence on all that surrounds them, is a continuous and compelling process for me.

I have, over the years, observed not only the flux and force of their nature, but have also become aware of a vast depth, of looking into the sky rather than at it, as you would an unmoving image or object. These natural views are effectively three dimensional; one could slide right into the cloud to another world.

I use varnish both to dilute the density of colour and, at other times, to create glazes between layers of paint. Every layer of varnish has a minuscule thickness and as these build up they serve to render the painting three dimensional in a small way, refracting the colours right down to the base. Colour, coupled with the fluid nature of varnish are the means by which I currently convey a sense of the world in front of me.


BA in Fine Art, 1994-97 Southampton Institute.



AN bursary 2017

Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust 2017


C-Art. Cumbria. September 2013.
Harbour Arm. Margate. Solo show. October/November 2013.
Pop up gallery. Keswick. November/December 2013.
Upfront Gallery Open Penrith. January/ February 2014.
East Kent Open Houses. Margate. October/November 2014.
Gallery No 3. Carlisle. December 2014.
Lowes Court Gallery, Egremont, Cumbria. Solo. October 2016.
Saltaire Art trail open houses. Yorkshire. 28-30 May 2016.
Madhatter. Brighton. Solo. August 2016.
Gallery Artemis, Cockermouth. Cumbria. 2016.
Villa LVI. Open houses. Brighton. Nov-Dec 2016.
Gallery No3. Carlisle. December 2016.
Villa LVI, Open houses. Brighton. May 2017.
Tollbooth, Solo. Kirkcudbright, Scotland. June-July 2017.
'Colour code', Cupola gallery. Sheffield June-July, 2017.


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